a first.

have you ever had an idea rest heavily on your heart and without even thinking it through you move forward with it?  i’m sharing my first ever video today.  i questioned whether or not i should share it because my original reaction was outright laughter.  i think it’s easy to pass judgment on ourselves, however, and going delete crazy with the photos in our albums is often a first reaction.  i also think it’s easier for us as humans to find faults in our bodies and ideas rather than the beautiful souls we really are.  i’m learning that loving your body goes much much deeper than what we physically look like and i’m learning that sometimes ‘bad’ photos and videos might actually be the most meaningful.  my basement is disgustingly unfinished and my dog is more of a yogi than i’ll probably ever be but i couldn’t find it in my heart to retake another clip.  this is me.  it’s who i am and it’s the first 13 minutes i’ve every watched of myself where i realize that even though the sequence is terrible, the feelings in my heart are true.  teaching others to be well and live well fills my soul to the brim and sometimes just throwing it out there might be enough.  maybe it’s a good thing, to post the things we often want to delete.  we might surprise ourselves.


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