Spoken Words.

Words.  I love them unconditionally.  I love how they can soothe and heal.  I love their ability to create stories and how they go hand in hand with photos.  For this I am thankful.  I love how the simplicity of a handwritten note can change your day or maybe spark a light that was beginning to dim.  I love that basic prints can twist and twirl into beautiful fonts in a matter of seconds.  I love them in books and songs and how they look on paper.  I love that in a world of constant change they will always have meaning.  The sound of them captures me like nothing else.  I love them so deeply that sometimes I’m too afraid to write them down.

I love them for everything that they are.

The sunrise was later than usual this morning.  I reached for the tiny button on my phone and a bluish tint lighted my room.  The time read 7:04 AM.  Usually I wake when Nick leaves to hunt but today was different; my eyes were heavier than the blankets that covered me and I slept.  I could hear Beretta in the guest room and because she can easily entertain herself I wanted to rest a bit longer.  I decided instead to say good morning to my chocolate child.  My feet pressed into the cold carpet, my eyes remained part closed.  She was laying on her belly, her tail was striking the carpet joyfully as if she knew I was walking toward her the entire time.  Smiling at me ear to ear, a good morning it was.  She didn’t have a toy or a bone.  I wondered why in the world she was happily resting in the one room she never goes into.  It was spotless.  I kneeled next to her, kissed the fur between her golden eyes, and noticed a tiny white book that had fallen from the shelf behind her.  GOD’S CREATIVE POWER, it read.  Right next to me, there it was.  Perhaps the only reason God led her to that room and to that shelf and shortly after brought me there too.  I spent the morning reading the book that I had once tucked away and caught up on everything that I had once learned.  I sat there amongst pillows and puppy paws and read how releasing the intentions of God by the words of your mouth can undoubtedly change your life.

Spoken words program your heart to either success or defeat.  I read and I took notes.  I highlighted different areas of the already marked pages.  I focused on reading the words yet I wanted so badly to scream them out loud.  Everyone should read this, everyone needs to know what I’m reading.  I asked myself to slow down and trusted that my comprehension would touch just one eager soul.  From the time we are born, spoken words are programmed into our brains and as we grow older we begin to understand that while every voice should speak truth and kindness, this is not always the case.  I, like many people, often catch myself saying words I don’t mean or even words that I wished I wouldn’t have said at all.  It’s easy, however, to express our feelings through them and what we are feeling is not always kind-hearted.  What I’m beginning to learn is that no matter what we are feeling or wanting to express, our spoken words directly impact what happens in our lives.  We can never take them back, we can only move forward.

Our voice, the words we use and the breath that supports them, are relative to every part of life.  Goals, careers, relationships, growth, self-esteem, and personal values are all effected by the words we speak.  Maybe you want to be healthier but aren’t sure where to start.  Maybe there’s a relationship with a friend or a spouse that needs mending in your life and you’re not entirely sure how to fix it.  Maybe it’s your career and so badly wanting something different.  Maybe you just want more.  Maybe it’s personal and you’re unable to defeat a thought that keeps occurring in your mind.

The answer, my friends, is in your words.

No matter where you are or what you’re going through, speak positivity and kindness.  Speak with energy and ambition and watch as others around you light up.  Be their light.  Speak hope and love and truth.  Speak life and the absolute wonder that it is.

Spoken words program your heart to either success or defeat.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.



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