trail mix.

I’m starting a new job tomorrow.  I promise you, with my whole heart, that I’m still a strong believer in chasing your dreams and leaps of faith.  One month without working full time, however, has taught me that there is a time for everything you dream about happening in your life that God has already planned out no matter what emotions you are feeling.

Photography is my job.  It will ALWAYS be my job.  It’s the foundation of my dreams and has ultimately made me a harder worker and a more patient woman.  Building a business takes time and within that time I still need to put a lot of focus on my family and what’s best for us as a couple.  This job was one that I could not pass up.  The hours, the schedule, the benefits, the fact that my sweet Lord has given me an opportunity to work full time while still having my summers completely off [hello wedding season] is more than I could ever ask for.  It’s a job that I’m certain my heart will find comfort in.  It’s a job where I’m interacting with people and youth and there is a part of me that believes that it will open up many opportunities.  I will still photograph [a lot] and I will still write [a lot] because ultimately these two things are what make me shine.

But a girl’s gotta eat.  And shop.  And save up for a new camera!

I had a mouthwatering urge for homemade trail mix this morning and so off to Target I went…please, please enjoy.

1 bag of dried pineapple, 1 bag of sliced walnuts, 1 bag of unsalted whole cashews, 1/4 cup raisons, 3/4 cup dark chocolate chips, 1 cup unsalted whole almonds. Mix together in a large bowl and separate into glass containers while trying your absolute hardest not to indulge in one.


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